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Ritter Elementary

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Ring Around the Rosie

Green School / Recycle


This is a reminder of all the things that we recycle here at Ritter Elementary.  We have this program not only to raise money for equipment, and events but to teach students the importance of caring for the environment.  We not only make a few bucks, but we save money by reducing the amount of waste in our trash dumpster.  We are in jeopardy of losing our paper recycling bin if we cannot double our collections each month.  We are currently collecting about 1 ton of material each month.  In order to keep our bin, the company requires that we produce 2 tons of paper each month.  We need everyone to chip in!  Collect the junk mail, newspaper, magazines, school papers, etc., that are no longer needed.  Materials can be dropped directly in the bin 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  In addition to paper, we also collect cell phones, ink jets and toner cartridges.  The bin for these items is located outside the office under the terrarium.  Pop tabs have their own blue basket also.  Pop tabs are collected and donated to the VFW each year.  As always, we continue to redeem CAMPBELLS SOUP LABELS and BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION.  Please remind family, friends, neighbors and others to collect and send in these valued items.  Together we can make our community and school a cleaner, more environmentally friendly and profitable place for our kids!!  Thank you.